Autonomous lifesaving deliveries,
precise and on demand


With Dove Air, a 4 hour delivery 

is now reduced to 5 minutes

This saves lives

 Order By Text

Orders Urgent medical products through text or web. Dove performs life-saving deliveries on Demand.

 Packed In Minutes

Centrally Stored medical supplies ensure immediate access and quick packaging.


Within minutes hospitals receive order confirmation, drones take off with no pilots required.

 Delivery & Pickup

Driverless Delivery via parachute in under 30 minutes ensuring the recipient are notified via text.

Autonomous Services & returns

All of this is subsidized by additional paid autonomous services from anti-poaching or counter-piracy patrols.

3.5 billion people lack access to basic Healthcare

Dove Air is helping to reduce that number by using advanced technology.


life saving deliveries

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