Competitor Analysis

Zipline  Dove Air (NFP)      Wingcopter  UAVaid  Swoop Aero 
Range 40 km (24 mi) 800 km (497 mi) 100 km (62 mi) 160 km (99 mi) 120 km (74 mi)
Area 1,257 km2  

(485 mi2)

125,663 km


1,590 km2

(614 mi2)

31,416 km2

(12,130 mi2)

11,310 km2

(4,367 mi2)

# of DC’s required 57 1 45 3 6
Speed 110km/h 

(68 mi/h)


(112 mi/h)


(62 mi/h)

Unknown 150km/h 

(93 mi/h)

Payload 1.75kg 

(3.8 lbs)


(24 lbs)

6 kg

(13.22 lbs)

5 kg
(11.02 lbs)
2.50 kg

(5.51 lbs)

Take off /
Landing method
Catapult & wire capture landing  Vertical takeoff / Vertical landing Vertical takeoff / Vertical landing Runway only Vertical takeoff / Vertical landing
Pick up
GIS applications
Precision Agriculture
Zipline Sparrow   Dove Air Notes 
Range 85km (52 mi) 800km (497 mi) Dove services 100x larger area
Drone origin USA Locally made Within 6 months all Doves are made locally
Speed 110km/h (68 mi/h) 180km/h (112 mi/h) Almost twice as fast, more deliveries
Payload 1.75kg (3.8 lbs) 11kg (24 lbs) 6x greater load capacity, more supplies moved
Take off /

Landing method

Catapult & wire capture landing  Vertical takeoff / Vertical landing Doves can takeoff and land vertically safely anywhere, even on ships
Can pick up packages? No

Parachute only

Yes Doves can drop off and pick up samples like Corona tests, organs and can refuel at pickup.
Obstacle avoidance

& transponder

No Yes Cameras and transponders ensure our Doves fly safely
Can perform other services? No Yes Can conduct infrared monitoring of Corona social distancing, maritime & anti-poaching patrols etc



Example in North Carolina, USA


Dove Air

Zipline (+$1B) Dove Air Notes
Business structure For profit Not for profit South African registered, nonprofit, HQ in Africa.
Area serviced 1,257 km

(485 mi2)

125,663 km2


Dove has 100x more area
Price per 1.75 kg (4 lbs) delivery $14 $2.68 92% of flight costs subsided by non aid flights
CapEx per Distribution Center  $2.5MM $1MM 2.5x cheaper No expensive take off infrastructure
CapEx for above example $10MM $1MM 10x cheaper, greater radius means less DC’s 
Annual Operating Cost  $1MM  $100k  Dove operating costs are heavily subsidized
Total cost over six years $42.5MM $1.6MM Dove is sustainable, 25x cheaper