Create professional drone intelligence unit to service your ground troops

Dove Air saves lives by not only delivering urgent medical aid and supplies, but can identify threats, and autonomously offers the delivery of urgent supplies on-demand regardless of the complexity in the environments with minimal risks.

Military Applications

Our doves Instantly deliver life-saving medical supplies within the “golden hour.” By using our doves, the military can eliminate dangerous resupply missions, preventing unnecessary lives lost. Our drones can parachute a 10 kg payload(i.e 500x 5.56mm).Our doves have many features like 60x optical and thermal zoom, video stabilization, tracking, and have built-in sensors to detect and map minefields. The user can watch the video safely up to 100 km away with an encrypted live HD video link. 

Control drone and view

live video from the ground

Secure encrypted

connection with anti-jamming ground

Low radar signature 

makes it hard to detect

Integrations with BMS 

and artillery software

Coast guard & maritime security

Specially adjusted for a maritime operation our Dove Can automatically detect small targets, such as people in the water or fishing boats.

Doves can operate from a vessel for a rapid response while the command and control center will give an advantage of a single environment for all your units to get live real-time information on the go and to record all videos and events.

The package delivery system will allow you to drop lifesaving buoys.

Operate from ships

Advanced sea motion

detection system

Provide fast help by dropping
Self-inflating life-saving buoy
Provide real-time situational

awareness to groups on speed boats
via video

Recommended Configuration

  • 2 x Doves for rapid deployment and redundancy
  • A package–dropping system to carry to deliver buoys.
  • Remote video terminals to support troops and give real-time awareness

Control 500+ km of the border with one drone

Automatically switch between ground station during the flight

Payload Options

Infrared Camera



Radio Repeater


Cell Phone IMSI Catcher




Package Delivery


Synthetic Aperture Radar to detect landmines



Collect visual information from all your manned and unmanned platforms in one virtual place. System supports stationary cameras, drones, ground vehicles and other platforms.

Live stream

Real-time high definition situational awareness

Instant alerts

Get instant alerts if movement is detected of thermal or motion detection


Secure encrypted connection with anti-jamming- AES256 encryption