COVID-19 Response

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.
Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment. Older people and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illness.

Protecting Vulnerable Patients/ Preventing Infection
Dove air can help to protect vulnerable people by reducing the number of visits to the hospitals, we can use our doves to transport the test results and blood samples. Overcrowded hospitals cause a rise in the spread of COVID-19. Dove Air reduces the number of trips to the Hospital.

Delivering Supplies Responsively/ Increased deliveries
Dove Air supplies the necessary supplies to the first line health worker fighting the pandemic. Necessary supplies like masks can be delivered in minutes to the affected communities. Each distribution center can deliver in a 250km radius.

Spraying Disinfectants
Dove Air helps to prevent COVID-19 by spraying disinfectants in the affected areas from the air. By disinfecting the area we are able to reduce the chances of the virus spreading and infecting others.

Infrared Temperature Monitoring
Our doves can monitor the temperature of people when in the air using infrared cameras. By discovering people with symptoms earlier they will be able to receive treatment and be quarantined early on can reduce the chances of infecting others

Urban Healthcare Logistics
Congested cities or geographical barriers can be time consuming and inefficient, however, our doves are not affected by these limitations in the skies. Our doves deliver to different facilities like Laboratories Blood Banks, Hospitals and Pharmacies




Hospitals and Pharmacies
Dove Air helps to deliver medicine that has a limited shelf life over vast distances. Dove air keeps the medical goods centralized in its distribution centers so healthcare can be closer to the patient.

Our Doves can pick up and transport samples from any location to a central laboratory for analysis.

Blood Banks
Allow blood banks to deliver emergency bags faster, and on time, they will be able to serve a more substantial area because our doves can pick up the blood and plasma from the blood banks and deliver to the patients.

Rural Last-Mile Delivery
Over two billion people lack adequate access to essential medical products due to challenging terrain, conflict, and poor infrastructure.

Dove Air can deliver to rural areas that are difficult and often time-consuming to reach. Traditional methods like reading transportation can not deliver in challenging terrains, which leads to a cold chain and the medicine going to waste.

Sample Collection
Pick up samples from areas with poor infrastructure and deliver them to the central laboratory for analysis. With the help of our doves, we are tackling infectious diseases

Last-Mile Delivery
Our temperature controlled payloads deliver blood, medicines, and vaccines. We are improving access to healthcare for the people who need it the most.

Medical Equipment
Our doves distribute sterile surgical equipment from our centralized distribution centers to local hospitals and clinics.

Life Science

Deliver new medicines to and clinical research to more patients.

Life science companies achieve their goal of reaching more communities and gaining more visibility by partnering with Dove Air. Many life science companies lack the resources to build a good distribution process, but with our help, they can help them deliver their products to the patient in need.

High-quality end to the end supply chain in emerging markets

1)Reliable logistics, warehousing, and customer experience infrastructure
Dove air is a reliable supply chain partner. We provide warehousing and transportation logistics that are compliant with the Good Distribution practice and possess a talented team of pharmacists and customer success representatives.

2)Gain visibility into the need of doctors and their communities
Dove air can identify which parts of the health system present opportunities for growth because of our relationship with health facilities and providers. Provider-level demand data for specialty products in emerging markets could help identify new trial sites, new recruiting sites, and new high-performing investigators for clinical trials. Data on which facilities are underperforming can help commercial and government partners target physician education resources to the providers that need the most support.

3)Provide access to a wider set of products
Traditional delivery methods often ignore small and suburban healthcare practices. Many Healthcare providers lack the products or supplies they need to treat patients effectively. Therefore companies can expand their portfolio of products that physicians and health facilities can receive regularly. Patients’ lives may be saved because they might get the treatment that they need with access.

4)Reach more patients outside of urban areas
Other logistics companies only provide services in urban areas. Still, our doves will be able to reach people who live in the rural area without compromising on the quality of the product and service.

Global Public Health

Bring universal health coverage within everyone’s reach
Stockout and expiry rates remain stubbornly high in many public health systems. The stockouts cause missed opportunities for preventive interventions, unnecessary emergency trips, urban hospital overcrowding, and preventable deaths. Especially with cold chain and short shelf-life commodities such as blood, injectables, and vaccines.

Immediate Resupply of Stocked-out Products
Dove Air can immediately deliver supplies to health facilities when they face shortages. The result will be universal availability for products that are necessary at every facility.

Better Emergency Care
Cold-chain products like platelets, antivenin, oxytocin, blood products, and second-line treatments in stock at every health facility are costly to keep, so many health systems cannot afford them. Dove air can make these products cost-effective because we can allow health systems to centralize the product stock and provide them with health facilities to save lives.

Guaranteed Cold Chain
Vaccine extensionists and other health workers can focus on treating patients, rather than worrying about how to maintain cold chain out to rural service delivery points or how to restock if they run short during an immunization campaign.
Improved Health Outcomes
By delivering health products on time, we can save many lives, and we can stop diseases on their track, which will improve the overall health. With Dove Air’s help national health symptoms and their development partners can Lower maternal and infant mortality, Increase vaccination rates, Reduce avoidable deaths from trauma, snakebites, and other emergencies and Increase patient adherence to treatment plans

Value for Money
By investing in Dove Air’s Technology, health systems will see cost savings on other areas, including, Reduced overstocking, waste due to cold chain interruptions, and expiries, Fewer emergency trips, and Reduced patient referrals

Surveying and mapping
Advanced photogrammetry ensures a most accurate and updated aerial map is created with accurate measurements of length, area, and even volume possible. Real-time aerial mapping provides streaming reconnaissance data for the immediate response. Doves for surveying and mapping allows gathering the info needed to create maps easier by reducing costs and simplifying the image-capturing process.

Africom’s Exercise Flintlock 2020 Exercise

Mozambique is in Cabo Delgado Province near Pemab, shipping 185 flights per day distributing aid and urgent supplies as well as performing maritime and border security flights on behalf of the FADM.